In this episode Pondis and Kingy talk about Xbox new dashboard, Horizon Zero Dawn DLC, Destiny 2 XP, Ni No Kuni 2, Ubisoft opening a new studio, PS+ going up, Hellblade deleting saves, and a cool kickstarter for an N64 controller. Of course the guys run down on what they have been up to this past week.

Show Notes:

New Xbox dashboard update

Horizon Zero Dawn DLC Dated

Destiny 2 xp with rockstar drinks and pop tarts

Season pass for ni no kuni 2 and two special editions

Ubisoft opening new studio in Sweden, and making an Avatar game

PS+ £10 price increase

Hellblade “deletes” your save game if you die too many times

Kickstarter for a modern redesign of the N64 controller for only $20 (£15)

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For Pondis:

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