In this episode Pondis and Kingy talk about A hat In Time, Yooka-laylee, Gangbeasts, Destiny 2, Amiibos, Sea of Thieves, Bayonetta, PS4 selling lots, Death Stranding and the Game Awards. The guys also talk about what they have been up to this week.

Show Notes:

A Hat in Time is coming to consoles next week

Yooka-laylee is finally coming to Switch

Gangbeasts is coming to PS4

Destiny 2 now has a free trial

Next amiibo is a cereal box

Sea of thieves has a release date of March 20th 2018

Bayonetta 3 is coming to Switch as an exclusive

PS4 has sold 70 million units so far and PSVR has sold over 2 million.

New Death Stranding trailer

Old Nintendo cereal

Game awards

For Kingy:


For Pondis:

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Many thanks to Visager for the intro and outro for the show. The full songs can be found here

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