In this episode Pondis and Kingy talk about Red Dead Redemption 2, SNES Mini, Mario Kart Tour, Switch selling well, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Switch Online, PS Plus games, Anthem, WOW expansion, Monster Hunter World, Microsoft buying things?, Mario Movie and Kaz Hirai stepping down.

Show Notes:

Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out on 26th Oct 2018

SNES Mini selling really well.

Mario Kart Tour announced for mobile

Nintendo Switch paid online is coming in september

Marvel vs capcom Infinite has not sold that well.

In less than a year the Switch has outsold the Wii U.

February’s PS Plus lineup finally includes Knack.

Anthem will be launching in Spring 2019

WOW’s new expansion will be out this summer

Monster Hunter World gone straight into no 1 in UK

Microsoft maybe looking to buy EA, PUBG and Steam

New Mario movie is coming

Kaz Hirai is stepping down as CEO of Sony


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