In this episode Kingy is joined by Tirrikface, they run down the latest news; Negan in Tekken 7, Capcom wanting to make higher scoring games and sell less, UK has its first Evo Street Fighter champion, Nvidia patents, Halo TV show, Fallout 76, Overcooked 2, IGN, 4k textures for Mass Effect, Life is Strange 2 trailer, Vega+ stripped of Sinclair and ZX spectrum. They also run down what they have been playing this week.

Show Notes:

Walking Dead’s Negan is a new fighter in Tekken 7

Capcom: “We’d prefer a game that got a 9 and sold less, than a 6 but sold more.”

Evo Crowns 1st UK Street Fighter Champion (& First UK Evo winner since Tekken 5 in 2008)

New Nvidia patents found hinting at new tech

Master Chief is the main character of the Halo TV show which will be telling a new story

Fallout 76 not on Steam

Overcooked 2 released this Tuesday

IGN Staff Writer Plagiarised Youtubers Dead Cells Review

ALOT: A Lot of Textures – 2K/4K mod pack for Mass Effect trilogy

Life is Strange 2 Teaser (Uploaded 02/08/18)

Vega+ to be stripped of Sinclair and ZX Spectrum brands


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