In this episode Pondis and kingy run through the latest news; Spyro The Dragon, WWE 2K19, Timesplitters, Xbox Elite controller, Xbox X gold plated prize, Halo, PSVR sales, Diablo 3, Night Trap, Gone Home and Vermintide 2 DLC. The guys also run down what they have been playing.


Show Notes:

Spyro delayed until November 13th

Spyro merch incoming

WWE 2K19 bringing back showcase, and you can play Daniel Bryan’s career

Looks like Timesplitters is coming back

New Xbox Elite controller coming in October for $149

Gold plated Xbox One X

Halo Infinite is Halo 6

PSVR has sold 3 million units

Diablo 3 coming to Switch

Night Trap coming to the Switch

Gone Home coming to Switch

Vermintide 2 is getting it’s first DLC


For Kingy:


For Pondis:

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