A while a go I was reading old gaming magazines online and made posters out of my favourite adverts.

I intended to print them out, but by that time I had made tons of the things and couldnt pick the best and if I printed them all I could paper a small house with them. Of course I could have printed them out and stored them in a folder, but wheres the point in that? When this job makes me a millionaire and I live in a big fancy house I will frame them and have them line the walls of my underground games room.

Until then I might as well share them with you, our loyal listeners.

All are designed to be printed in A4 and sort of lovingly restored to look as good as they were intended.

So check back regularly for new posters

Start with the classics. Atari might not have been the first games company, but they were super cool.

I love my Intellivision, it looks incredible next to the Atari 2600. Plus the box is huge and mostly empty like all good electronics of the day.

Its not all about video games, we should all appreciate Dungeons and Dragons.

One of my first and favourite posters that I made. SEGA did marketing amazingly back in the day.

I dont think I know any of the games listed, but I just loved the art style of this poster. Its super 80’s.

Not an advert at all, but the image for an article called Can Asteroids Conquer Space Invaders? I just love that they are boxers.

When games expos were advertised by a bad guy getting hit in the nuts.

I love this poster. It looks like it was drawn in an Anime style by some one who was only briefly told what it should look like over a phone. The cat thing at the bottom is super derpy and I love him.

I have no idea about this game. I think its an FMV kind of RPG and it sounds super sexy.

This picture I absolutely love, though it is kind of NSFW. I don’t know, drawn boobs on an alien monster is not my thing, but people might be against it.

This was a great game I never got into back in the day because I didn’t understand RPGs, but this ad is beautiful none the less.

The hours spent playing this on the C64 and the Master System and not a single minute was wasted. No idea what I was supposed to do and I am almost certain I never got far but I loved the style.

Owning a tennis court and playing Tennis on an Atari are 2 very different things.

How bad ass does this make Bomb Jack look? Nothing like the goofy kid in red pajamas I remember him as.

Another Intellivision poster advising you not to be a Nerk (whatever that is)

Everyone loved The Adventures of Batman And Robin, for the time it was dark, gritty and super cool. Batman has never been cooler.

And whats the point of just posting the Megadrive/ Genesis poster? Might as well do the Game Gear one too.