In this episode Pondis and kingy are joined by TirrikFace this week. The 3 rundown the latest news; Spider-Man being downgraded, Gwent now 30 hour RPG game, Erebus code name for PS5? Nintendo shutting more sites down, Onimusha Warlords remaster, Soul Calibur 6 could be last game, Cyberpunk 2077, Streets of Rage 4. The guys talk about what they have been playing.

In this episode Pondis and kingy run through the latest news; Spyro The Dragon, WWE 2K19, Timesplitters, Xbox Elite controller, Xbox X gold plated prize, Halo, PSVR sales, Diablo 3, Night Trap, Gone Home and Vermintide 2 DLC. The guys also run down what they have been playing.

n this episode Kingy is joined by Tirrikface, they run down the latest news; Negan in Tekken 7, Capcom wanting to make higher scoring games and sell less, UK has its first Evo Street Fighter champion, Nvidia patents, Halo TV show, Fallout 76, Overcooked 2, IGN, 4k textures for Mass Effect, Life is Strange 2 trailer, Vega+ stripped of Sinclair and ZX spectrum. They also run down what they have been playing this week.

In this episode Pondis and Kingy talk about; Porn in Mario Odyssey, NHS internet addiction clinic, Life is Strange 2 release date, Bethesda suing Warner Bros, Resident Evil 2 PC specs, PS4 getting new hits line, Oculus Rift can still be sold, Amy Heening no longer at EA, Halo TV show, Google having their own gaming platform? and the Steam summer sale.